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Court of Appeals Will Allow Television Cameras in Appeals Court

camera in courtroom

Lord Judge, the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, has said that the court of appeal will be allowing television cameras in the court of appeals.  Justice officials are contemplating the implications of this new change. Senior judges will need to undergo training on the mannerisms they need to use to present themselves on camera.

The government is also considering a new policy that would allow sessions to be filmed in the crown courts as well. However, the chief justice said that he doesn’t support this move. He has warned lawmakers that the government needs to consider that television cameras could discourage many witnesses from testifying in important cases.

Judge said that he doesn’t have a problem with the idea of installing television cameras in the appellate courtrooms. However, he said that the courts need to evaluate the way the way the new process works and ensure it doesn’t keep the justice system from doing its job.

Judge is due to step down from office this fall. The new system will be implemented the month after he leaves office so he will not play any role in fine-tuning the new system. Judge’s predecessor may have a different opinion on the benefits or concerns that these cameras create.

Justices in other countries have warned that there could be a potential backlash from citizens who either oppose the new system or don’t know how to use it responsibly. New Zealand passed similar laws in the past year. Andrew Bridgman, the chief justice in New Zealand, has warned that many demonstrators have help protests in response to the decision to install television cameras in the courts.

Judge admits that there are some potential concerns associated with the use of cameras, but he thinks there are more pressing issues at hand, the biggest concern being the government cut in legal aid benefits.

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