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Max Clifford Arrested in Operation Yewtree

The latest twist in the tale of Operation Yewtree, the investigation set up in the light of the Jimmy Savile sex scandal, sees PR guru Max Clifford arrested on suspicion of sexual offences. While the arrest, made on Thursday morning at Mr Clifford’s home in Surrey, was made by officers attached to Yewtree, it had been made clear that there is no connection with the allegations against Savile. Mr Clifford strenuously denies the allegations, and a source said he would assist the police ‘as best he can’.

Outspoken and Influential

Max Clifford is known as one of the most influential people in the UK media and has already spoken publically in the wake of the Savile allegations. He claimed, shortly after the story first broke, that many stars had contacted him fearful that they would be the subject of allegations. That Mr Clifford himself finds himself on the end of an enquiry has come as something of a surprise; he is a well respected member of the community with few blemishes on an outstanding career, although not afraid to speak his mind when confronted on various issues.

Three Strands of the Operation

Operation Yewtree has taken on a curious nature since it first began, and there are now known to be three strands to the investigation: the first looks specifically at Jimmy Savile, the second is referred to as ‘Savile and others’, and the third to people unconnected with the Savile allegations. It is to this group that the investigation into Mr Clifford belongs. Five people have now been arrested in relation to the investigation – Freddie Starr, Gary Glitter, TV producer Wilfred De’ath and DJ Dave Lee Travis (in addition to Clifford) and a sixth – unnamed – man in his 80’shas also been questioned. All have been released without charge.